"A Texas Non-Profit Educational Organization & Animal Sanctuary" with

"Old Fashion Farmyard Fun for Family & Friends"

School, Church, Parties, Company picnics,  Community Events & Town Festivals!

Monies raised from these events go to maintaining all our critters large and small!

Lots of "Buckets O' Love",
Cowgirl Cheri


We're in our 23rd Year!

The Farmyard Fun & Educational Petting Zoos is USDA licensed and has lots of critters to enjoy!  Many of these critters starred in "Noah's Ark Storage" TV Commercial!   "Cowboy the Ox", "Miss Tillie" & "Wilma"-our Vietnamese Pot-Belly Pigs, our goat kids "Lil Star" and "The Flying Nun" , "Susie's wooly lambs, "Suzette" and "Suzanne", "PineEllen" the black sheep, "Congo, Hurricane and Golden Boy" the Miniature Horses, "Hugh Jackman", "Eeyore" or "Oreo" our Miniature Donkeys, "Tux" Llama, "Bullverde and Antonio" our up and coming oxen,  "Cupid and Thumper" rabbit, hens and chicks,  "Daffy" and "Lucky" Duck, "Gandy" and "Goosie Lucie""Priscilla" the Hampshire Pig and piggies!

And let's not forget some of the best ponies and horses in the whole wide world!  Dedicated to giving you the best ride of yer life!

You can git yer picture taken on "Cowboy the Ox", "Dallas the Miniature Bull", "Bullverde" or "Houston" for a great rodeo memento!

We are USDA licensed:  We follow all rules and regulations of The United States Department of Agriculture, The Center of Disease Control (CDC), Animal Welfare Act and Texas State Equine Regulations.  This is required by law to insure the safety of the public and the welfare of our animals.

Available for Parties, School and Church Events, Community Events and Festivals, Company Picnics, Family Get-Togethers...


Thank you Kate and all my friends at for all yer support! 

Happy Trails, Tall Tales & Tickely Tails! 

Cowgirl Cheri (aka:  Cowgrammy)


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