The Farmyard:  Pony and Horse Rides, Sanctuary & USDA Licensed Petting Zoo

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We'll have our pony rides and petting zoo at the Cibolo Festival on Saturday, 10-12-13 from 10am-9pm.  City Hall is selling armbands for $6.  Includes unlimited pony rides, petting zoo and carnival rides!  Cibolo, Tx.

Please check back for our next Hay & Feed Fundraiser.

Please close gate behind you, if it's closed.  Thank you <]:-)

Drop-In Admission:  $5 donation/person [children under 2 free].  Or donate a 50# bag of corn, cattle cubes, livestock pellets or square bale of coastal hay, 16# bag of cat food, 20# bag dog food [no Old Roy] per 3 guests.  Pellets are about $9.10/bag [about $3.03/person].    Local Feed Stores:  Bulverde Feed, Mumme's, Strutty's, Tractor Supply.  [All on Hwy 281]  Or Bergheim General Store/Hwy 46.  HEB on Hwy 46 [W. of 281] sells a 50# bag of corn, Hill Country Fare cat[16#] and gravy style dog food[18#].

Pony or Horse ride:  $3, $5, $15 donation.

We have 3 kittens born 04-19-13 and 3 born 04-28-13 ready for adoption. Come see them during our drop in times. They were all spayed, neutered and received their Rabies vaccine 09-11-13.  Thank you Hill Country Animal League in Boerne !  $25 adoption fee.  And receive a coupon for a free vet exam at Bulverde Animal Hospital valued at $51.71. 

Please click on links for information if you would like to make a reservation outside our drop in time for our "Family Hour" or "Get-Together" or "On Farm Private Party"  Private Guided Trail Rides

And we can most always deliver to you our petting zoo and pony rides.  Please click on link for more info:  Pony rides & USDA Lic. petting zoo delivered to you

Donations of feed, hay or monetary gifts for their care and maintenance are greatly appreciated.

"Happy 13th Birthday Cowboy the Ox"! XXXOOO!

We received our Texas Non-Profit Status October 2011 and I'm working through the paperwork to apply for our 501(c)(3).  Soooo, until then...I'm sorry I won't be able to give you a tax deductible receipt.  I will give you a "Big Hug" or a hand shake if yer not a hugger though!  <]:-)

I wanted to quote James Herriot's saying that we all love and found these lyrics at and thought I'd share it with you

"All Things Bright and Beautiful":

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful:

The Lord God made them all.

Hymns for Little Children, 1848~Cecil F. Alexander (?)

Thank you so much!  I look forward to seeing ya'll! 

Happy Trails, Tall Tales &  Tickely Tails,

Cowgirl Cheri


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