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Thank you for considering having The Farmyard's sweet animals at yer event.  Below are our regular prices for "residential" parties if Deposit is paid by v/mc and we offer 5-10% discounts.  Please contact me for larger events.

Package:     Animals  1st Hour Each add.1/2hr Each add. Hour
Pony & Donkey Rides     2 $180-$200 $63-$70 Prorated
Pony ride special Using Petting zoo pony or donkey in below pkg's. $25-$45ea. $30-$40ea.  
The Super 6 Pony, sheep, goat, chickens, duck, rabbit $255-$285 $54-$60 $103-$115
The Magnificent 7 Above pkg. + mini pig $297-$330 $63-$70 $121-$135
The Crazy 8 Above pkg. + calf/yearling $335-$375 $72-$80 $140-$155
The Farmyard Manger Above pkg., sub. donkey for pony   $335-$375 $72-$80 $140-$155
The Farmyard Stock Show Crazy 8 plus: donkey, llama, mini horse, goose $455-$475 $90-$100 $180-$200
Add on:

[May require additional delivery fee]

Animals  1st Hour Each add.1/2hr Each add. Hour
Pony ride special Using Petting zoo pony or donkey in above pkg's. $25-$45ea. $30-$40ea.  
Extra Rides Pony or Donkey $60-$80 $30-$40  
Extra Rides Horse      
"Antonio the Lil Bull" Saddled for photos w/pen $100 $40  
"Houston the Ox" Saddled for photos w/pen $160 $70  
"Antonio & Houston"


Saddled for photos w/pen $220 w/one wrangler $100  
"Cowboy the Ox"  BVFD Saddled for photos w/pen. Call/availability $280 $130  

Large events may require pens for an additional fee=$20+/pen
Delivery beyond 20 miles is $3-$4/mile minimum.
Prices subject to change without notice.


We are permitted through SA ACS for Educational and Recreational one day events within city limits at no extra cost to you.  Including city parks.  Excludes city "natural area" parks.
If required:  Permits for other parks, or cities, etc. are above our prices.

50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required for Reservations:

The Farmyard does work in temperatures 35*-59* with no rain, 60*-90* in light to medium showers, 90*+ in shade.  Due to light rain below 60* or heavy rain above 60* at location of event, The Farmyard will work or reschedule for you.  Cancellations outside this policy will forfeit your deposit.  The Farmyard reserves the right to substitute an animal that is not able to travel.  The Farmyard also reserves the right to reschedule due to ice on roads, flooding or mechanical failure that would prevent us from arriving at our scheduled time.  <]:-)

Please give me a holler or email if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation.  I look forward to working with you.  <]:-)

Happy Trails, Tall Tales and Tickely Tails!

Cowgirl Cheri "Cowgrammy"

The Farmyard
30250 Leroy Scheel Rd.
Bulverde, Texas 78163
"A Texas Non-Profit Educational Organization and Sanctuary"

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